Monitoring of COVID-19 infections in hospitals
& direct sending to Sciensano
Opal - Infection Module
Tally COVID cases in a few clicks and send, 4x a day, all data to managers and to Sciensano.

Spare time for your staff! Automatic collection, transfer & processing

We provide real time tracking of infections in your different services. Every hospital has its own specificity and you can therefore personalise the report to send to your managers as well as state organs (like Sciensano).

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Careboard video

Sneak peak of Careboard - Infection Module. If you have questions, we are there to answer them.

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Our customers

“Our hospital is using the modern solution provided by Opal. It made our COVID-19 crisis management easier.”
Adrien Dufour,
Director of the Nursing department & Related services at Saint-Luc Bouge Clinic
Opal - Infection Module

Time is scarce, specifically in time of crisis?
Our module is installed in a few hours and can be used right away

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Plug & Play

We know you have a limited time. From there, we designed our solution to be installed in a few hours & to be used right away. Careboard runs as a SaaS : hosted in the Cloud and interfaced via our API to your internal systems.

Made with hospitals

Careboard was created hands-in-hands with hospitals since 2015. Thanks to this experience, we propose a software addressing your needs in term of infection monitoring, beds availability, but also teams repartition.

Easy to use

Nursing staff has no time to be trained to a new solution during a crisis. Therefore, Careboard is intuitive & can be learned in a few minutes. The solution is available by phone, tablet or computer.

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Opal - Infection Module is part of a large panel of services we provide to hospitals. We have been working with nursing directors and care units managers to create better softwares centered on real field experience.
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